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The Sunshine Taipei Youth Orchestra will practice at the National Normal University Complex from 7:00 to 9:00 every Saturday night.

In order to implement the orchestra’s educational philosophy, teaching and performance goals have been set, and a high-quality orchestra learning environment will be built for teenagers and parents who love classical music. Every semester we hold final results concerts, urban and rural visit concerts, master classes, talent dinner parties, division exercises, mid-term examinations, and final examinations.

In March 2007, Dr. Sun Aiguang, who teaches at the Department of Music of National Taiwan Normal University, established the "Taipei Sunshine Youth Orchestra" (Taipei Sunshine Youth Orchestra), which provides a high-quality music group for domestic young music lovers: a wide range of performances and performances. Diversified forms, and train young people to achieve ensemble spirit and self-confidence through the performance experience of "orchestra ensemble", "chamber ensemble", and "concert", deepen their love for music, accumulate performance skills and common sense of music, and the orchestra's experience Playing experience, give full play to the talent of music. In the process of music learning for young people, they need to be constantly affirmed and praised, and encouraged to "experience in ensemble music."

In 2008, it was renamed "Sun Taipei Youth Orchestra" Sun Taipei Youth Orchestra
In 2015, it was renamed "Sunshine Taipei Youth Orchestra"

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