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About Sunshine

Philharmonic people often ask questions about the motivation for founding the "Sunshine Taipei Symphony Orchestra" because it is a job that requires courage and perseverance in order to be sustainable. After graduating from the education system of National Taiwan Normal University, his mind is full of the goal of cultivating the next generation of music seedlings; and under the training of the music department of the National Normal University, the dream of joint performance emerges in his life.

In thanking my parents for their hard work in music nurturing, I named it after the English "Sun" of "Sun." It was also named after his father's hand-written ink and mother's hand-painted composition when he had eye problems in his later years; thus, the dream was woven in 2007!

Thank you Sunshine Taipei’s administrative team for 14 years of previous appointments and the sweat of many partners in the current team. Your selfless dedication and hard work have allowed Sunshine Taipei Symphony Orchestra to gradually grow. At the same time, I would also like to thank the parents of the Youth Orchestra for paying attention to the spirit of all-round learning for young people and for their enthusiastic support of classical music.

From each concert performance, you can see the children's continuous improvement; in each group training, you can see the children's happy smile, "learning with pleasure and growing with confidence" will be the biggest gain.

Sunshine Taipei currently has three organizations, namely Sunshine Taipei Symphony Orchestra, Sunshine Taipei Youth Orchestra, and Sunshine Taipei Music Teaching Association.

In addition, it is preparing for the Youth League and Youth Orchestra.

Sunshine Taipei Symphony Orchestra

Sunshine Taipei Youth Orchestra

Sunshine Taipei Music Teaching Association

The Sunshine Taipei Symphony Orchestra was established in 2007; its purpose is to combine professional music elites at home and abroad to produce high-quality concerts, show their talents, and provide a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere for the public. Efforts to provide a stage for classical musicians to perform, and to train the cooperative ability of youth orchestras.

Since its establishment in 2007, the Sunshine Taipei Symphony Orchestra has always been active in the art market. In addition to the classic concerts produced by its own team, it is also committed to cooperating with major art groups, such as sacred music and opera. In terms of repertoire, we also hope to promote Chinese works, and hope to promote the voices from Taiwan to the world.

In March 2007, Dr. Sun Aiguang, who teaches at the Department of Music of National Taiwan Normal University, established the "Taipei Sunshine Youth Orchestra" (Taipei Sunshine Youth Orchestra), which provides a high-quality music group for domestic young music lovers: a wide range of performances and performances. Diversified forms, and train young people to achieve ensemble spirit and self-confidence through the performance experience of "orchestra ensemble", "chamber ensemble", and "concert", deepen their love for music, accumulate performance skills and common sense of music, and the orchestra's experience Playing experience, give full play to the talent of music. In the process of music learning for young people, they need to be constantly affirmed and praised, and encouraged to "experience in ensemble music." In 2008, it was renamed "Sun Taipei Youth Orchestra", and in 2015, it was renamed "Sun Taipei Youth Orchestra".

Sunshine Taipei Youth Orchestra will practice at the National Normal University Complex from 7:00 to 9:00 every Saturday night. In order to implement the educational philosophy of the orchestra, teaching and performance goals have been set, and a high-quality orchestra learning environment will be built for teenagers and families who love classical music. Every semester we hold final results concerts, urban and rural visiting concerts, master classes, talent dinner parties, division exercises, mid-term examinations, and final examinations.

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