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Sunshine Taipei needs your support and care,

Let us have more courage and confidence, stride forward!

Bank: Taipei Fubon Bank Shida Branch (012)

Account Name: Sun Aiguang Taipei Music Teaching Association

Account number: 00610102017105

The Sunshine Taipei Symphony Orchestra has more than decades.

Although the raging epidemic has stopped many things, we are convinced that sharing the beauty of music can heal the wounds of the world and make society more harmonious.

In the future, we will continue to arrange various concert plans. These plans will enable us to continue to improve in the art of music.

Make the orchestra grow stronger and create a sound that belongs to Taiwan.

Sunshine Taipei needs your support and care, so that we have more courage and confidence to move forward!

​The following donation methods are applicable from August 2021 to July 2022.

  • ~3000 yuan

  • 10 coupons with a 40% discount

  • 3001~5000 yuan

  • 2 VIP tickets

  • 20 discount coupons with 40% discount

  • 5001~10000 yuan

  • 4 VIP tickets

  • 30% discount on tickets

  • Half-page program advertisement​

  • More than 100,000 yuan

    • Public thanks for the concert

    • For project handling, please write to


  • 10001~20000 yuan

    • 6 VIP tickets

    • 40% discount on tickets

    • Full-page advertising

  • 20,000~100,000

    • 8 VIP tickets

    • 40% discount on full ticket

    • Full-page advertising

    • Propaganda of donation units can be placed at the reception of the performance

  • Explanation

  • Please keep the receipt properly, and the donation amount can be deducted according to the comprehensive income tax declaration method.

  • The personal information of this donation is used for the purpose of issuing donation receipts, event notifications and VIP service contacts.

  • E-mail:

  • contact person

  • 0975-251538 Mr. He

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Thank you for submitting the above information!

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