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Due to the needs of orchestra education and stage performances, the "Sunshine Taipei Music Teaching Association" was established in 2011; it is cared by several supervisors. In addition to most of the concert activities, there are also youth orchestras, youth string orchestras, summer music camps, winter conductor camps, master classes, lectures, conducting skills classes, etc., for music lovers and musicians who love classical music. Children can get broader learning opportunities and life horizons.

Welfare of Sunny Leyou

a. Priority rights for any event hosted by Sunshine Taipei.

b. For concerts hosted by Sunshine Taipei, there is no limit to the number of times and the number of tickets is 20% off.

c. Member expiration reminder service.

Member category

General member

Fill in the basic information to join the general membership and receive the event newsletter and messages for free.

Student membership

All students studying in this city, who agree with the purpose of the Association, are capable of behavior, have considerable musical literacy and training for music lovers, fill in an application for membership, approved by the council, and after paying the membership fee, As a student member. (*Students studying in counties or cities outside of Taipei City can join the club with a copy of their student ID) report and information.

individual member

Music enthusiasts who are registered in Taipei City or work in Taipei City, agree with the purpose of the Association, are 20 years of age or older, have behavioral capabilities, have considerable musical literacy and training, fill in an application form for membership, approved by the council, and pay the admission After the dues, it is an individual member.

Group member

Any public or private organization or organization registered by the government agency that agrees with the purpose of the association should fill in an application for membership, approved by the board of directors, and pay the membership fee, and then become a group member.

Golden Diamond Member (Permanent Member)

Individuals who sponsor more than RMB 10,000 to the Association at one time can become a permanent member of the Diamond Diamond Club.

How to join

The application form for membership is attached as the following table. Please fill in the information and send it back to Sunshine Taipei’s e-mail at

And remit to the following account together with the amount.

Remittance account

Bank: Taipei Fubon Bank Shida Branch (012)

Account Name: Sun Aiguang Taipei Music Teaching Association

Account number: 00610102017105


contact person

0975-251538 Mr. He


1. General Member: Free

2. Student membership: annual membership fee of 100 yuan

3. Individual members: annual membership fee of 1,000 yuan (members who join after 6/30 each year will enjoy half the membership fee)

4. Group members: annual membership fee of 3,000 yuan

5. Golden Diamond Member: Individual sponsorship of more than 10,000 yuan at a time

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